Hello! I am Danshi and I'm from England
I enjoy writing fanfiction and do so infrequently these days; sometimes I'll submit 3 things at once, and sometimes I'll write nothing for months!
Shounen anime and manga are my favourites, with seinen in second place.

This blog is my personal blog; I post Magi, Pokemon XY, cats and various anime series. I very rarely post NSFW stuff, and I write A LOT of text posts.

I love Zagan from Magi far too much and often collapse crying because he needs to come back into the manga.

My 3DS FC is 3368-1631-7968 | Kuromii
My TSV is 2493.

Why can’t my dad just understand that I don’t enjoy being around people all the time? Going out and socialising on every day off isn’t realistic in the slightest. I find people to be draining so I need my hermit days otherwise I’ll be a sobbing mess again like when I was a teenager.

I love people, but I need my down time and that concept literally wouldn’t get through to my dad today.

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Before you have a go at someone for apparently not caring enough about you, just think for a moment - what are they going through in their own life at the moment? Are they going through something just as bad or - perish the thought - possibly even worse? Do you have their back as much as you think they should have yours? Do you respect their needs and wants as much as you demand yours to be? Newsflash - the world does not revolve around you, and the more you demand and assume from others the less you will get.

Also, for most people, being ill/sick/etc is not a competition. When someone opens up to you about how low they’ve been feeling and how bad things have been, do not take it as an opportunity to talk over them, belittle their feelings/experiences and make them feel ignored while you try to “out-do” them.

oh man i was trying to make these points to someone in RL recently!